Types of Relationships

Common Friendships

Friendship is perhaps the most prevalent interpersonal relationship. You enter a friendship by your own free will and is an unconditional connection. A good friendship is based on trust, generosity, and compromise. An essential characteristic of friendship is two people enjoying one another’s presence. There are no formalities in a friendship. Making friends can happen at work, in school, with neighbors, or clubs.

Romantic Relationships

Another type of interpersonal is called love or romance. When you have a romantic bond with another person, there is passion, trust, intimacy, and respect. Mutual admiration is vital for long-term romantic connections. Many romantic relationships of this nature result in marriage. But if you and/or your spouse do not get along anymore, you may need to find a divorce lawyer to end the relationship.

Family Relationships

A family is a domestic group that involves kinship. You can create or belong to a family through blood, adoption, or marriage. You may have family relationships with your parents, siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, and stepparents. There is not one single type of family. Families can be traditional (nuclear), single-parent, or blended. Nurture, respect, and care are necessary components of healthy families.

Why Relationships
Are Important

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